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the Purple Magic Sample Ensemble brings together the sounds of Asia, electronic nu-jazz and early 20th century public-domain cylinder records (some from as far back as 1904!) to form a unique sound collage that is distinctly Asian and tastefully global.

"Cheeky, porny, creamy, snappy" is how Junk Magazine describes P.M.S.E's music.

Made up of three core members (Adriane Palikat on drums, Luqman Aziz on bass and Hardesh Singh on guitars/sampler), P.M.S.E introduces new elements by continually working with new musicians and artists to explore new sonic possibilities. Where most bands fall into comfort zones of working as closed-units, P.M.S.E takes pride in always exposing itself to new elements, continually growing the bands vocabulary and providing its audience with a unique flavor which never stagnates.

the Purple Magic Sample Ensemble is about bringing sounds a century apart together, adding jazz and world music over samples from a hundred years ago, creating a unique sound never heard before.

Comments / Messages (5)
Neilemype (28 Jan 2008)
Nice site ;)
BronDune (20 Jan 2008)
I like you fantastic music ! Go ahead. Thank you.
Erkling (6 Dec 2007)
Hey. Thanks for your visit (and liking my music :) ).
"You say" is really something. Beautiful vocals and production. I have to check back here sometimes, I like your stuff.
Saran (5 Jul 2007)
Hey bro.....fantastic mixture of the OLD & New...."you say" is awesome..
Yusuf/Martin (4 Jul 2007)
VERY interesting, so when is the CD coming out Hardesh my man?

ps every thought of teaming up with my old mate Antares (aka Kit Leee)
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