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Mia Palencia
Mia Palencia's Bio
Singer songwriter, jazz crooner, voice actor, public speaker and occasionally a theatre personality, Mia Palencia is a woman of many talents. She kicked off her career as the other half of well-known local jazz act Double Take at the age of 14, with whom she has released two albums.

She has sung for kings, travelled the world as a public speaker and a vocalist, and, most recently, begun exploring the world of cartoons as a voice actor.

Mia released her first solo single, 'Sayang' in September 2006. Her first solo album, 'Finding My Way', was launched in early 2008, in digital format on www.popfolio.net/miapalencia as well as on CD.

Mia's latest album, 'Songs from the Jiwang Kingdom', consists of 12 brand new songs. In addition to Mia's soulful voice and emotive lyrics, the album also features her and Jun on the guitar.

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Happy Listening! :)

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Song Truetone Code Full Track Code
Mia Palencia - Adam's Anthem (The Wknd Sessions) 2914014 3302096
Mia Palencia - Biru (The Wknd Sessions) 2914015 3302097
Mia Palencia - Goodness (The Wknd Sessions) 2914016 3302098
Mia Palencia - Call Waiting (The Wknd Sessions) 2914017 3302106
Mia Palencia - Call Waiting 2912597 3301354
Mia Palencia - Super Man 2912600 3301357
Mia Palencia - Finding My Way 2912598 3301355
Mia Palencia - Gravity 2912599 3301356

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Song Digi Maxis Celcom
Mia Palencia - Call Waiting 0040270 98522 53146
Mia Palencia - Super Man - 98526 53149
Mia Palencia - Finding My Way 0040271 98523 53147
Mia Palencia - Gravity 0040272 98524 53148

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Comments / Messages (11)
Jared (10 Jun 2011)
Besnya kau punya lagu
shanie (8 Nov 2010)
Hi Mia, i don't think you can remember me as your senior in SFC, anyways.. THUMBS UP to you... Appreciate that we a local artist that sounds so good, my fiancee thought i'm listening to foreign jazz artist..cuz i listened it almost every time... God bless you mia.

Zahir (zig) (2 May 2010)
I just discover about your music through a friend that I just met recently. He just mentioned briefly about you mainly because he is a cousin yours, Junior.

Anyway, I'm glad he told me about you because I really like music and I will go and buy your album.
Edu Tambunan (1 Mar 2010)
halo Mia, saya dari Jakarta. Dan sedang belajar menulis lagu. saya sedang mencari seseorang yang dapat membantu menyelesaikan materi lagu saya, yang menurut saya cocok sekali bila berlirik mandarin. Namun Saya tidak bisa berbahasa Mandarin. Bolehkah Saya kirimkan contoh lagu Saya? Saran dan masukan dari Mia tentu sangat berharga bagi Saya. Saya tunggu tanggapannya. Terima kasih.
lifedemo.com (11 Dec 2009)
"Sayang" gives me goose bumps at times. Awesome bah kau ni.
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