What is Poptopus?

I'm a blog player, I'm an advertising widget, I'm a paymaster.

As our tagline suggests, Poptopus is a brand new way of enabling artists, bloggers and advertisers to work together to share music, as well as information on new products and services, while generating income.

How does Poptopus work?

Put plainly, it simply works!

Registered artists contribute their original songs to our system, which we then enable registered bloggers to play on their website.

Bloggers choose what they want to play on their blog from our selection of songs. They are then given a snippet of HTML code for the Poptopus player that they can easily copy and paste into the code for their site. From then on, everyone who reads their blog can also listen to their selection of music powered by Poptopus.

Like most other "free" services, Poptopus income comes from advertising. We think it's only fair that we split the revenue with you as artists and you as bloggers.

Of course, Poptopus isn't limited to blogs. It will run on virtually any website. All that is required is for the browser to have the latest version of Flash player and speakers!

I'm an artist. How do I earn income from Poptopus?

Pop! Play! Cash!

It's as simple as that.

Sign up for Poptopus and you can immediately contribute your original songs to our system. These songs will then become available for any of our bloggers to play on their web sites.

Naturally you'll want to have Poptopus on your own website too!

Every time one of your songs is played in Poptopus, you get a split from the advertising revenue connected to the instance that your song is played. Note that you must own the rights to the songs you are contributing. For more information, please consult our technical and legal documentation.

I have a website. I want to earn income too!

That's great news!

Whether you are a blogger or a webmaster of any description, sign up for Poptopus and register your blog or website.

You can choose what you want your viewers to listen to from the selection of music on our system.

You'll then be given a snippet of HTML code which you can easily copy and paste into the HTML code for your own blog or website.

For you proficient bloggers out there, you can register as many of your blogs and websites as you want. With each one you can have a different selection of songs to better suit the feel and content of each site!

Every time somebody browses your website and uses Poptopus, you get a split from the advertising revenue it brings in.

Who is behind Poptopus and why do you care?

The team behind Poptopus consists of businesspeople, programmers and musicians alike. We travel many circles, and in our travels we see some things that we'd rather not see.

We see musicians and artists with excellent music that never hears the voice of day. While we agree that everyone has a different taste, some of this stuff is truly brilliant and deserves an audience. And as any artist knows, playing your songs for the love of it is one thing, while making any money at all out of it is completely another.

We see businesspeople trying to promote their products by paying thousands of dollars for ads that nobody sees. We visit websites and are bombarded by screen-fulls of ads that no doubt somebody has paid for, and dearly so. The fact of the matter is that most people see so many unsolicited ads that they just switch off, and that's if they're seen at all! Yet advertisers collectively pay billions of dollars just for a chance.

So this is our contribution. Poptopus is a system that gives musicians and advertisers the one thing they crave the most: an audience. Artists get their music heard as far and wide as their fans have websites. And ads only show when a user interacts with the system, thus guaranteeing that they see the ad.

With the advertising revenue that comes in, we give the artists the largest share, because it's their music. And we split the balance with the bloggers, because we all did it together.

The only chance left is that everyone might just get what they want!

How Poptopus Works

I'm currently in private beta, pop over here for more info. I'd love to talk.

*In our case, one thing private beta means is that we have not received any advertising revenue through the Poptopus player, so in this current testing phase there isn't yet any revenue to be shared.